Casting of aluminium and non-ferrous metals

Our offer includes comprehensive casting of aluminium and non-ferrous metals. In our daily work we use the most modern, proven casting techniques, such as sand and die casting. We invite domestic and foreign entities from the automotive, shipbuilding, electrical and furniture industries, manufacturers of agricultural machinery and representatives of many other industries to cooperate and place orders. We guarantee timely order completion, full adjustment of the product to the order specifications and attractive discounts.

Types of foundry services
As a company that has operated on the market for three decades, we offer a full range of services in the field of non-ferrous metal casting. We provide among others:

  • bronze and brass castings,
  • casting of aluminium and zinc alloys,
  • casting of copper and other metals.

Depending on the customer’s needs, we provide the production of both typical castings as well as shaping products with non-standard parameters. We make single copies and large volume orders. The comprehensive equipped machinery also allows us to fully process the final product to give it the necessary properties.

Die casting

In our foundry we produce castings in die casting technology.

This method allows to achieve high precision and dimensional accuracy. Casting in die casting method is recommended for serial production. The advantage of this method is high repeatability and smooth casting surface.

We make castings using die casting moulds made of aluminium, zinc and copper alloys with a unit weight from 0.1 to 30 kg.

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Gießen in Sandformen

In our everyday work we use sand moulds which allow for effective production of large-size products as well as those produced in small quantities. Sand casting is also a proven way of making single pieces of a given product, both when it comes to aluminium, brass, as well as copper castings and products made of cast iron.

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Formgebung von Aluminium und Messing

In addition to the highest quality of our services, our non-ferrous foundry offers you expert advice on the type of raw material and the moulding technique of the individual materials.

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