About us


Since its foundation in 1991 The Karomet Company has been producing castings of non-ferrous alloys and has gained a wealth of experience in the foundry industry.
This experience, combined with our wide range manufacturing equipment and our expert knowledge enable us to produce a wide range of products. We produce castings for a wide range of customers from many industries including agricultural, shipbuilding, furniture, automotive, engineering, lighting, chemical, and water and sewage, with each contract being tailored to the individual client’s needs.
The castings we produce are made of aluminium alloys, zinc and copper range from 0.1 kg to 200 kg. We offer our clients valuable advice and assistance throughout the production process and starting at the design phase.
Our long service history in the industry is reflected in the high level of our services and our reputation, with our focus being on customer satisfaction, which is why so much emphasis is put quality castings produced.
We guarantee an individual approach to all our customers throughout Europe, with quick delivery and competitive prices.